Sunday, November 11, 2007

Soda fired teapot

This is my favorite piece that I think I've ever made. It was a pot that I made last semester and fired in the soda kiln at USC. I've been debating whether or not to list it on Etsy. I've gotten really attached to it and I worry that I'll never be able to make its equal. Thanks to intothefire for the photoshop tutorial and the great slides that it produced!
The picture of the interior doesn't do the drips justice. They are really vibrant and contrast with the nearly black glaze very well.


  1. Welcome to Etsy and blogging! Okay, I thought I was pretty Photoshop savvy, but think I might have to read ITF's tutorial because your photos look awesome!

    As to whether to sell or keep, I say keep for awhile if you really like the tea pot. I'm sad that I didn't keep a lot of my earlier work. I have nothing to compare my current work to for progress etc. You will make more and maybe you'll have another favorite someday and this one won't be so precious anymore. Use it too!

  2. Yea I agree, keep it - we don't need that kind of competition on etsy ;-) Seriosly it's a great tea pot! Welcome to the mudteam!