Saturday, April 12, 2008

April in Meggett

So--yesterday was my first art/craft show, and it was a great success! I had a great time manning the booth. I sold several things, and I got a commission for a 16 piece dinnerware set! I got some really good feedback and can't wait till I can build back up my inventory and get ready for another show at some point.

The weather was fantastic--about 80, sunny, with a nice breeze much of the day. When we got there, the gnats were atrocious and Lindsay had to make a trip to the store for some much needed bug spray. Definitely going on my list for the next outdoor show! My wife Lindsay was a great help! She arranged all of the pieces on the shelves, made signs and helped me taking money and writing up sales!
It was a small show with about 30 vendors and only about 300 attendees. I thought it was very successful for such a small show and I made about $400. Since the entry was only $25, I thought that was pretty good. Especially since everyone told me that I could leave not selling a thing. Now I can buy the shed that I so desperately need--my studio is in my garage and I want to get all of the non clay things out of my studio!

Pretty much everyone was helpful, and I only had one annoying customer. He picked up a large jug, looked at the price and said, "Whoa, are these prices negotiable," in a very nasty tone to which I replied, "No sir, they are very firm." The jug was priced at about half what I would sell it for in a gallery and he obviously knew nothing about handmade pottery.

Lindsay kept getting annoyed at customers that would walk in and pick up a dozen pieces, comment on how beautiful they were, and walk back out. I thought it was kinda funny.

While doing a show is a ton of work, it is still lots of fun, and if people are buying, can be pretty profitable. I don't think that I want to do lots a lots of shows, but a few a year would be nice I think.

Have a great week!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Work

So, now that I've made all of the work for my show on April 12th, I've started working on more labor intensive pieces. I actually made this piece along a few others just like it a while ago, and it will be coming with me to the craft show. But--it is a representation of where I'm going--larger pieces, more complex pieces, and pieces thrown from several different parts. I am totally mugged and cupped out! I've been throwing some large bowls, goblets and especially TEAPOTS! I have always had a fascination with teapots--they are my favorite thing in the world to make and they can vary immensely. Every potter can make a teapot his own--incorporating his own style and giving a part of himself to the pot. It can be said that a potter does this with all of his work, but I find it especially true with teapots. I have always wanted to collect teapots, and I think that I'm going to finally start doing so. So--if any potters out there want to do a teapot trade, let me know :)

One more thing--here's a picture of me throwing a pot tonight. I like to see who I'm reading about and don't think that I'm alone, so here I am :)