Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Work

So, now that I've made all of the work for my show on April 12th, I've started working on more labor intensive pieces. I actually made this piece along a few others just like it a while ago, and it will be coming with me to the craft show. But--it is a representation of where I'm going--larger pieces, more complex pieces, and pieces thrown from several different parts. I am totally mugged and cupped out! I've been throwing some large bowls, goblets and especially TEAPOTS! I have always had a fascination with teapots--they are my favorite thing in the world to make and they can vary immensely. Every potter can make a teapot his own--incorporating his own style and giving a part of himself to the pot. It can be said that a potter does this with all of his work, but I find it especially true with teapots. I have always wanted to collect teapots, and I think that I'm going to finally start doing so. So--if any potters out there want to do a teapot trade, let me know :)

One more thing--here's a picture of me throwing a pot tonight. I like to see who I'm reading about and don't think that I'm alone, so here I am :)

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  1. I'm fascinated by teapots too, though I don't actually drink a lot of tea myself.

    Thanks for posting your photograph - it really is good to put a face to a name. :D