Monday, June 16, 2008


So, I haven't thrown anything new in several days now, and I'm going into withdraw. I have tons of stuff left to glaze, but I truly hate my glazes right now. They are all commercial cone six glazes, and I've had tons of trouble with pinholes. I have done everything suggested to me by my extremely helpful Mud Team, and none of it has worked--at least not consistently. Glazes that normally give no trouble at all came out terribly in the last firing. I basically have three glazes that work well, and I am sick of them.

The predicament that I have right now is that I am soon going to be changing to cone ten, and I really don't want to invest in a bunch of cone six glazes to finish up what I've already got bisqued. Then again, I can't waste all of this work that I've
spent time, energy and money on creating. I guess I'll just have a bunch of stuff that all looks alike.

I'm still trying to get everything together for the kiln build--I'll call again tomorrow to pester them to get me what I want!! hehe. I am really anxious to get started experimenting!

In other news, I finally got a graduated background for taking images, and it works pretty well. I will be building a homemade
soft box for getting rid of some of the glare. Here's a couple of pics I took the other night while playing around.


  1. The pots look good!

    Ahh, glaze frustration - I hear ya. I think that's why I made it simple on myself and only use 3 glazes.

    I too need to branch out, but have been feeling rather lazy lately.

  2. its amazing the difference that background makes isn't it. Will make your life so much easier.

    I hear you too about glaze probs and frustration. Last fall all my old standbys started going absolutely haywire. i don't think we're ever prepared for that.

    (btw you should modify your comment preferences. Right now they are set so only people with blogger can leave comments.)