Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's Happening?

So...I haven't posted much lately, but I really want to change that. I have been reading a lot of really great pottery blogs lately and I am getting inspired to devote a little more time to my own.

I have been working really hard, and it is paying off nicely. I am really liking some new forms and I am just enjoying the creative process. As always, I am constantly inspired by things around me, specifically other pottery online. I've thrown a couple of large platters and lots of new bowls and cups, and it's like I am starting throwing all over again. I am really drawn to smoother forms than I had been making and a couple with some exaggerated feet. Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of work in process.

The only problem is that soon I'll have to start glazing. Bah! I am still having a terrible time adjusting to cone 6 and I thought that I would start mixing my own glazes again, but after selling some work and having some disposable income, I've changed my mind and am now going to build a soda kiln out of an old electric. I really miss cone 10 and can't wait to start experimenting with soda again. I have the kiln itself all lined up, and have placed an order for a burner system, and some ITC 100 HT to coat the inside of the kiln and hopefully make it last a good many firings. Once I get all of the stuff together, I'll post the whole process on here and give as detailed instructions as I can. I found a few examples of kiln construction, but I really want to develop a step by step manual on the process, including all of my inevitable mistakes :)

One day, I will get the property that I want so I can build a REAL kiln and make the next step toward becoming a full time potter. It is my one true dream to make pots full time and I can finally see that dream coming true. I still feel like I need to develop a more complete and fluid body of work, and I think I am finally taking steps toward that. I think one of the hardest things for a potter to do is create work that is recognizable as their own. To have pots that someone can look at and say, Oh that's a pot thrown by Ben Stark. I am not there yet, and even my current work is very common and not anything inspiring, but I feel like I am finally moving forward and that is truly a good thing.

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  1. That's funny - you're adjusting to cone 6 and I'm adjusting to cone 10! Totally different animals.

    Your kiln building sounds exciting and can't wait to see the progress photos!