Monday, December 22, 2008

Decal Disaster

Ok, so I've had requests to show the carnage. Here they are! I talked with Keith over at Mudstuffing Pottery who has fantastic decal work and he and I decided that speed had a lot to do with it. No, I wasn't on speed and ruined a bunch of pots! I fired super fast (like 3-1/2 hours to cone 05), and we are pretty sure that's not a good thing for decals. He suggested that I toss a couple pieces in my next bisque which is a lot slower to see the affects. So, after I do that, I'll hopefully post pictures of pots all in one piece ;)


  1. Hi,
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  2. "No, I wasn't on speed..." Teehee - I actually LOL on that comment!

    Good to know - so basically the decal paper is still visible? Thank you soo much for posting the photos - it's helpful...

    Hope you and your family had a terrific holiday!

  3. Those designs look great, good luck with the next try - can't wait to see.