Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Lindsay and I will be leaving out tomorrow for our vacation in Mexico. A while back, our family business won a trip for equipment sales, so we get to go to an all inclusive resort in Mexico! It will be Lindsay's first time flying in a commercial airline (her father owns a flight school with mostly single engine planes), and her first time out of the country. I'm no world traveler, having only been to Mexico once before on a mission trip, but we are sooo excited! Warm weather and white sand beaches here we come! (And the free food, drinks, and excursions don't hurt either ;)

Check it out here


  1. Any resort that specifies "adult" vacations has got to be fun! Have a great time and use sunscreen. Safe travels.

  2. Wow, lucky for you and Lindsay, don't drink the water, tehe, have a great time.