Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well, I've been slack--sort of. I haven't worked in clay in almost three weeks, I haven't commented on blogs (sorry about that--I miss commenting :( ). I got a terrible flu a few weeks back and after I got to feeling better the weather got nice so I started working in the yard in the evenings. I also started riding my bike again--found out that being in terrible shape and lots of pollen in the air are a bad combination for riding. My next door neighbor started doing triathlons last summer and I want to help him train, but so far I've just been slowing him down. My goal is to be able to keep up a good pace for about 13-15 miles without slowing down...too much :). I got about 7 or so tonight, so hopefully it won't be long. I should run with him as well, but I just don't like running--maybe once I get in better shape I'll give it a go.

Lindsay and I have also been getting the nursery ready for Genevieve--we still have the window tint and curtains to hang and then we'll be done--I think. Oh yeah, did I tell y'all the official name--Genevieve Olivia Stark. Lindsay has another shower this weekend that my sisters are putting on for her, so hopefully we'll get some more of the things that we need. Just 7 weeks left!! Flippin awesome!


  1. What a beautiful name, everyone deserves a hiatus.

  2. Thanks Linda! It took us forever to decide on a name, but we're very happy with it. I hope she can learn to spell it one day ;)

  3. No need to apologize - I've been a terrible blogger lately! Love the baby's name too - such old fashioned goodness.

    Good luck with your training - I've decided to go for 1/2 marathon this year...no triathlons for me though...