Friday, March 6, 2009

Fresh from the kiln

I unloaded the kiln this afternoon and it had some really, really great results! This is still my favorite of the big jars, and I'm glad that the glaze came out well. Last time I sprayed, I didn't spray thick enough--this time was a little better. I still would like to go just a bit thicker for more of the lighter red/orange.

Check out these wonderful glaze crystals!

My big boy came out ok as well. I'm just not too happy with the form, and the glaze didn't come out as well--too thin too--I really wanted some of the green to drip down a little more and give a more uneven line. Like this jar below, but even more.

The little covered jars are nice too. I have several more waiting to be bisqued.

I also had some new tests in there and I'll be mixing up three of them--two blues and a white that blushes pink. I'll finally have some more feminine friendly colors in my palette.

Tomorrow I've got to work in the morning, but I do want to see if I can get some more buckets and mix up some glazes. Then back to making pots again!


  1. The glaze on that top pot looks great. Well done!

  2. Oh Ben, those are all great and my favorite is the second pot. I just love that golden color and the mottled colors and crystals at the top. Your jars look so different now that they're glazed. It is so much fun seeing them beforehand and then after. I've just got to try spraying like you showed on one of your posts.

    By the way I finally posted something on our 'critique my pot' blog. I noticed my blog isn't listed on the right as a member blog, although I am able to post - I don't have the capability fixing that otherwise I would have.

    You must be so happy with your pots, they are beautiful.

  3. Nice job Ben! I have to agree with Linda that my favorite is the second pot as well it has something special. Well anyway I'm glad that the glazing turned out on these beautiful pots.

  4. Thanks y'all!! I'm really excited with some of the work I'm making--it is really quite fulfilling!

    Linda--I fixed the Critique blog to include you :) I also left my critique.

  5. The pots look great. I agree the form of the big one does need some tweaking, but nothing major. And I love the strap handles. very smooth. How do you fire your work?

  6. the glaze transition on the top two pots is great... photos are nice too, did you do them?

  7. Hey Rob! I fire to cone six oxidation in my electric kiln.

    Jim--I did take those photos. Here is a link to my photo setup:

  8. Great work man.
    Hope you received my email!

  9. Brian--

    Sorry, just saw your comment, hope you see this--I don't see where I received an email. If you need to resend it, send it to:

  10. No Prob. I check your blog pretty often.
    I'll resend an email and see if it goes thru.