Thursday, March 4, 2010


mmmm....glaze drippy

I've finally got over 50 items in my shop! I still have a good many small bowls I can list, but it's nice to meet a small milestone. I've been told many times that things really begin to sell well once you crest 100 items, but that will still be a while. I don't have time to keep enough inventory to fill my Etsy shop and still have enough pots for galleries and any craft shows I may do. One day, one day.

Tonight, I started something new to me--butter trays. Not butter dishes, but trays. Just a flat decorative piece with a handle. I've got them all textured up and I'll add handles tomorrow night. How do you like that grammar, huh?? :) I hope they don't curl up on me. I haven't had a whole lot of luck with flat slab pieces. Too impatient I guess.

I keep telling myself that I need to mix up some fresh batches of a couple of my glazes, but every time I go out to the studio, I pick up clay instead. Will someone come over and make me mix glazes?!


  1. Hi Ben, I wanted to lay a tip on you for Etsy, we just figured it out and it seems to make a big difference. Don't add everything at once, add a piece or two a day and your shop will show up closer to the top of the list on the main ceramics page instead of shooting to the top then fading as time goes on. If you can't get the 100 items up, then just post a few a day over time. We've had great luck with this and I hope you do too.

  2. Congrats on the big 5-0. I am working on posting item number...ok, I am still working on setting up a shop. One step at a time. I was looking through your shop yesterday. The pitchers and juice cups are especially nice. Might make a nice little set.

  3. 50 is definitely a worthy and difficult milestone. i think i have 19 and i've never gotten to 50 and 100 seems impossible but it might be a worthy summer project. charles is correct. when you post an item it is on the top where people can see if for a very short time... so one, two or three a day and spread them out. someone told me that right about 1:00 is a good time because shoppers are back from lunch and take a quick look at etsy before returning to actually doing some work. relisting also works and i think it only costs .20 - during the holidays i relisted two items a day and was surprised when every once in a while a cup that had been languishing for months sold the morning after i relisted. there's a lot of voodoo going on over there in etsy. i think the 100 items will help though. good luck, your work is excellent and that helps too.