Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finished pitchers

I got the kiln unloaded Sunday night, but I also came down with a bad cold/stomach thing that has not been too pleasant. I hope I'm getting over it. Anyway, here's a couple of pictures of the finished products. The one I liked best of course has pinholes on the inside. I think it might have been from dust when I was cleaning up the spout before glazing. I might try to re-fire it.

The really big bowl turned out super nice. The glazes could not have turned out better. I hope it makes its way across the country safely. I packed the crap out of that thing, but I still worry because it was quite heavy and, well, you know. It totally wouldn't fit into my light tent--haha.

That egg looks kinda tiny for a 'grade A Large' huh? ;)


  1. Nice work!! The glazes on that bowl are fantastic.

  2. hi ben... the pieces are fantastic! beautiful. the big bowl is dreamy... what a great success. i still am partial to the glaze combo on the first picture, it's a winner. lovely pots all around

  3. They are really lovely pots! The glaze combos are wonderful!

  4. That big bowl is sooo coool!!! I love it. The pitchers are beautiful. Your glaze work is perfection.

  5. Thanks y'all!! I'm really happy with them all too :)