Monday, September 1, 2008

New shelves--already full!

Is the weekend over already??? I have been having a fantastic weekend, mostly sleeping, and napping, and a lot of time in clay. Lindsay and I took Layla (our little dog) to my FIL's pool and swam Sat. I wish that I had pictures of that! She is not the biggest fan of the pool, but she likes to be held in the water, sort of. As soon as you let her go, she swims as fast as she can to the stairs. We then watched Clemson LOSE to Alabama and had a grand ol' time. Sunday consisted of church and napping, but I did load a bisque and got it firing last night. I crammed all of my test cups in with a ton of other work (who knew 7 cu. ft. could hold that much), then built some new shelves that I filled today with all of that bisque.

I also got a new tool that no potter should be without (at least one mixing his own glazes)--a triple beam balance. I got it on feeBay, and it arrived Friday. Now all I need is my chemicals--I'll call about that tomorrow.

Let me know what you think about the new font/colors. I wanted to keep the black background, but I want my blog to be easy to read too.

So, anyways, I need to do that tagging thing, but I'm not into it right now. Tomorrow for sure though!


  1. Great shot with all the bisque lined up ready for glazing. You'll be busy!... Maybe not too busy to do the tagging thing. Sorry to lay that on you, but hope that it ends up being kind of fun for you too... The black background is a little tougher on the eyes than a lighter color, but it's a nice look. I can see why you like it.

  2. Your pots are looking really great. Is this your first time mixing glazes?

  3. Deborah--I mixed glazes in college, but just from recipes. Never did a whole lot of my own developing, so that's something I want to mess around with.