Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shot glasses and Pitchers

I haven't been able to get into the studio as much as I would like lately, but I've gotten a few new things in the works. I had fun throwing all of those shot glass size test tiles, so I thought I'd make a few more. I really like the way these turned out, and I'm going to make a bunch more when I get some more clay. I'm totally out of clay--except for a half bucket of reclaim, but that takes a couple of days to get back.

How many times can you reclaim clay? I'm sure that some of the slop I have has been thrown about 4 or 5 times, and it is super great to throw now . The only problem is that is smells terrible!! It's nice and moldy, has g
reat plasticity and stands up really well. But, man does it stink! Just curious really :)

These pitchers are fun to make, but I think they need some more work. Something isn't right with them. I tried making the handles that were thick at both ends, but I think these feel too heavy. I also wonder if I should push the form a little more--maybe more bulbous at the base with a longer neck. Tell me what you think. I'm looking for a serious critique here, so go all out--I'm tough!

I hope to get a few more tests mixed up and maybe a glaze firing done early next week. Changing my whole glaze pallet and all new forms really seem to have slowed my production. I can't wait to get some tests done! I'm really waiting on my black iron oxide to come in off of backorder. On my test cups, I plan to paint it in the carvings under the glaze and also paint the same on the reverse side on top of the glaze. I want to have some surface decoration on all of my pots, but I'm no paiter, or drawer (is that really a word) for that matter, so I want to do some basic decoration. I also can't quit dipping and spraying pots, so my decoration has to be in addition to the glazing.

Lindsay's first ultrasound appointment is on next Wednesday, and I'm taking off work to go with her. We are so excited!


  1. I'm not sure if the bottom pitcher is a different one, but from the angle of the photo at least, the handle seems to have a nice fit to the pitcher. I really like your style of faceting/smooth surfaces. I like the contrast. I think you can reclaim clay forever, however, you might loose some of the finer particles unless you consistently include your throwing water in with the reclaim. Try using red iron oxide for some tests that call for black iron oxide. You often get very similar results. Not identical, but very close. And you probably already know this, but if you buy your clay in greater quantity, and you know you will use it, you usually get a huge price break around 1000 lbs.

  2. Ben -- I really love your faceted work! It's hard to critique from a picture. The only thing I might say is if the pitcher were taller & you used that 1/3 - 2/3 design element, it would make the pitcher seem more elegant - more 'lifted.'
    I love the handle. It seems to fit the design well. I think you need to just keep making them & set them all beside each other - critiquing as you go. You have a really good sense of form.
    I agree with Deborah on the reclaim - adding some 'new' clay or throwing water will help.

  3. Thanks for the input! Deborah--the bottom picture is a different pitcher and I like the handle on that one better.

    Judy--I'm going to throw a couple that are taller and see how they work. I think I'll probably take your advice and pull a bunch of handles and see if I can't get a better fit.

  4. if i were a potter i would just squeeze the back half of the pitchers neck into a kind of grip, that way you dont need to stick a handle to the pitcher and theres no problem with it falling off during baking or whatever.