Saturday, October 4, 2008

A few new pots and wheel setup!

I haven't been blogging as much lately as I would like, and I haven't had time to comment on everyone's blogs, but I have been reading them. Anyway, these are some new creamer and sugar sets--I think they turned out pretty well. I also built a table for my wheel so that I can stand up and throw again. I did this in college and I really missed it, especially my lower back! I am heading to Sam's this weekend to get some of those cushy mats to stand on to help my legs.

I started mixing up a 10,000 gram batch of a new glaze and found out that I was 865 grams short of Gertsley Borate! How frustrating. I really wish that I lived closer to a supply that carried raw materials. It is nice living close to Coastal Ceramic Supply, but they order materials as needed which means about two weeks of wait. I have decided that it is not economical to order them online because shipping is almost as much as the materials. I'll be making another order on Monday, and I'm getting full bags this time instead of small amounts. I just thought I could complain some, so there you go :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! The weather here is fantastic! Sunny, low 80s! Talk to you later!


  1. Getting large quantity is really, really smart. You'll see a huge price break usually around 50 lbs.

  2. Hi Ben! Creamer and sugar sets look great. Hope your new set up is more comfortable. I have raised my wheel as well, and use a sit/stand stool part of the time. I really like it.

  3. Nice pots, Ben!

    One of my goals for my glazes is finding 1-2 base glaze recipes that works for all my glazes so that I can buy select ingredients en mass economically. It's tricky.

    Love the new creamer and sugar sets - nice work. I threw the other day for the first time in awhile and oh my achy back. I should elevate my wheel. I like that you have storage under your wheel too.

  4. ps. I'm saving a copy of your wheel to show my handy FIL. He's always looking for little projects to do when they visit and they're coming to Denver in a couple of weeks. :)

  5. Thanks for the comments y'all!

    I just threw for a couple hours straight and my back doesn't hurt one bit. The key is to get the wheel to speed and then take your foot off. Standing on one leg is no good :)

    Cynthia--I wish that I knew even what glazes I want to use. I plan to test a bunch over time and hopefully find some I like. Much less methodical, and probably less successful than your way ;) I am jealous of your organization in glaze testing.

    Thanks for the kind comments on the sugar and set! I really like them and I'm pulling the style into some other pieces. More on that later :)

  6. Hi Ben -- I love your sugar/creamer set too. I love the roundness & the texture detail. Nice work.

    I have such a small studio that I can only buy chemicals in small quantities - and I hate to run out of something in the middle of mixing. It's a giant hassle. I leave a note on the bucket so I don't forget where I left off. At least I can get in the car & get more -- I don't have to wait for something to be shipped. That would be annoying!