Sunday, October 5, 2008

Penis pot?

So...I made this pot today and in my brain it looked great. When it was done, I looked at it and thought, boy doesn't that spout look like a penis! So, I took it inside, and Lindsay confirmed my analysis. I wanted the spout to mimic the neck, so I added the little ridge.

What do you think? Is it an everyday, run of the mill, normal spout? Or does it turn an otherwise cute little ewer into a penis pot? My problem is that I have a few more to put spouts on and I don't want to make a line of penis pots! They make nice little bud vases, but I really wanted to make some ewers. I covered them tightly in plastic with some spouts, so I can wait a couple days for a consensus on the subject.

I think that I am finally getting the knack for pulling handles off of the pot. Here are a couple of pitchers that I think turned out pretty nice. They still aren't exactly what I want, but they are getting closer. I find that I end up making a much more substantial handle when I pull them off of the pot. I guess it's just like everything else, practice makes more perfecter....or something like that!


  1. I think that spouts often look phallic. I think it's kind of hard to get away from. Probably just better to consider, whether it's phallic or not, does it compliment the pot?

  2. I'm not seeing penis when I look at that spout, so I don't think there is anything to worry about. And Deborah is correct, a lot of times spouts can be phallic, especially with the "scrotal" design element..but you are in the clear on this one.

  3. I had to laugh when I read the title of your post in bloglines....

    I agree with what deborah and jerry wrote :)

    I'd say as ewers, they work just fine and I wouldn't have thought phallic at all.

  4. Thanks guys! I guess maybe I've just got a dirty mind ;) I'll go ahead with the rest of them!

    Jerry--the "scrotal" design element had me laughing!

  5. Hi- I like them- and the spouts.
    I was scrolling through your blog and looking at your wheel set up. We are posting our rebuilt mud box for my stand up wheel. I will do picture of the whole thing after we get set up back in the studio-
    But a mudbox is great for putting a lot of things at hand while throwing. It also has a drain for the water to go down to a bucket below.
    PS- congrats on baby- its a great ride!