Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whatcha think?

Here is a new vase form I've been playing around with. I may have gone overboard on the decoration, I don't know. I feel like I'm being influenced by all of you bloggers out there, and I think this pot has a lot of qualities of some other's pots. I always have this fear that I will make a pot just like something that I saw online and not even know it. (I haven't yet, have I?)

What do you think of it?

The glaze load that I did last weekend was half good, half bad. Mostly because I only had two glazes in there, and I knew I liked one and it turned out the other sucked. It was a clear with copper added for a green, but it has about zero interest. A couple of pots came out nice where the glaze was really thick and the slow cool got some nice crystals, but overall, it sucked. Ah well, whats a couple dozen pots? It wasn't too bad on some smaller pots. I still think I might use it for a liner, but it just isn't interesting enough to carry a whole pot. I'm going to let it thicken up some too and see if that helps.


  1. I like the vase form, and I don't think you went overboard on the deco, and I really like the handles. The only thing that I think could balance the pot better is to shift the waist up a bit. As it is now it looks top heavy to me. Other than that I think it works well.

  2. Nice Ben! I know what you mean about being influenced by other's work. It is said that there are no original ideas anymore - it's all a matter of personal interpretation and adding your touch.

    I'm reminded of this if I visit the Denver Art Museum or even the Museum of Science and Nature here in Denver - both have some decent pottery collections from all over the world and I'm always inspired by the clay work I see.

    I like the way you did the little video too so we can see the piece in the round - nice touch. I may copy you ;)

  3. Thanks Jerry! I agree that the waist is a little low. My next batch I'll move up.

    Cynthia--I wish I could say that I had that idea all on my own, but I stole the video idea from Ron Philbeck. :)

  4. Just looking at it again, and if you wanted to keep the waist where it is, narrowing the top would accomplish the same thing, maybe. It's always fun to tweak forms until you find "the one".

  5. I always wonder if I'll make something similiar to someone else's. I just love looking at ceramics.

    It is interesting to hear advice on a certain form, everyone has a different idea. I like the idea of this form with the waist. If it were me, I'd narrow the top and move the little handles to the top.

  6. I like it-"good artists borrow other's ideas-great artists steal them". Can't remember who said that.

  7. i really like that vase but i think you should lower the waist, you know about the rule of thirds? as you become a more evolved potter all your influences will stack on eachother and will blur and you'll have your own voice, it just takes time to get there. there is nothing wrong with stealing ideas from time to time, they probably stole it from someone else anyways!