Thursday, October 16, 2008

Holy Organization Batman!

I brought home a leftover shelf from work today and put most of my glaze materials on it. It won't fit my 50 lb containers, but everything else fits. See the empty box of silica? Yeah, that sucks. I have 50 lbs. on its way along with some much needed F-4 Feldspar. I really did a crappy job of estimating what I would need when I started mixing up glazes. Live and learn I guess.

I also made my first trimming tool yesterday! It was fun, and if it works, I'm going to make a few more with different shaped cutters. This is a fancy version. I haven't been in the wet clay except to throw the one cup to try out my cutoff tool. Maybe tomorrow. Anyways, fun today spent organizing the shelf and separating all of my bisque work to be glazed. I got maybe about 1/5 of it glazed tonight and found out that for some reason, I can no longer glaze bowls. I dropped two in the bucket and two more dripped all down the sides. Nothing the hose can't fix. Maybe I'll give those another go tomorrow. Once I get all of the work set aside for the two glazes I have mixed up done, I'm kinda at a stopping point until my silica and feldspar come in.


  1. I'm envious of your new storage! I think after my current bout of productivity comes to an end, I'm need to get organized again.

    I'm curious to learn how your new trimming tool works.

    I showed my fil your raised stand for your wheel and am excited that he's going to make it for me this weekend. He's measured, made his shopping list too. Thanks for sharing...

  2. That's cool that your FIL is going to make you the wheel stand. I think you will really enjoy throwing standing up--but it does take some getting used to :)