Friday, October 30, 2009

I've got pots!

Anything not bone dry was thrown today.

I had a fantastic day today!! I started throwing at 6:30 this morning after I got Lindsay and Genevieve off to their schools, and threw pots until 2:45 only stopping for lunch.

Speaking of lunch--I got one of my favorite meals--Kyoto Express Hibachi Chicken (minus veggies). Awesome!

The pots in the first picture are all the ones that made the cut to continue drying. I started working on a new mug form (the ones on the bottom shelf). I wanted something more simple than my current mugs. I'm going to keep making both, but I think that the new one will be more appealing to a broader customer base. It's anything but original, but I hope that I can make it my own over time. No new forms, right? Hopefully tomorrow stuff will be ready to be trimmed and handled.

All for now! Happy Halloween!!


  1. Yea! Pots and the baby is rolling over-life is good and yummy lunch as well.
    I like the shapes you are working on.

  2. What a great day you had, your pots look wonderful all sitting there drying.

  3. What's your process for making the same piece over and over? I always end up with original work everytime I'm on the wheel. lol
    Nice to see you getting back to it.