Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Whole Day!

Genevieve now knows how to read. Does your 6-month-old know how to read? ;)

I actually took a day off from work tomorrow to work the entire time in the studio!!! I can't tell you how excited I am! I also bought a bag of pottery plaster and some fresh clay so I'm ready to get going. I've never made a mold before, but I've seen it done once, so that should be enough, right?? I'm making a mold of a wooden serving tray to use as a slump mold. I can't remember if I'm supposed to coat the tray with anything to help it release from the plaster. I'm thinking I should. I'll go look it up in a min, but if y'all out there have any tricks, all help is welcome :) I've got so many ideas, I can't even decide what to make tomorrow. I've got like 200 lbs of clay that I want to get through.

I haven't been able to get into the studio in a little while because my father/boss took last week and the weekends on both sides to go on a much deserved cruise. That meant that I got to stay at work until 5 every day increasing my commute time by about 20-30 min on top of leaving an hour later. So, I was pretty beat in the evenings and didn't get out to work. Not to mention, Genevieve still thinks that sleeping through the night is just entirely not necessary. I know it's probably our fault for not doing something different before, but now we're really having a hard time getting her to sleep for more that about 4-5 hours without waking up to be fed. She wakes up between 11:30 to 2:30 and gets fed, then many nights she wakes up again at 3:30 to 4:00. We usually fight her to go back to sleep for about an hour, then end up feeding her so we can get back to sleep for what little bit is left. (We get up to get ready for work at 5) We would love to break her of this wonderful habit, but have been unsuccessful thus far. But, she totally makes up for it by being a totally wonderful and happy baby in all other aspects. She can now sit up for some time by herself before rolling around and making us catch her, and tonight she rolled from tummy to back for the first time! And, I was there to see it this time!! Being a parent really is the most fulfilling thing in the world!


  1. Reading at 6 months! What a bright little girl! ;)
    I remember the night-time feedings with my son. Don't worry about it too much... They grow out of it. Really. And, if all else fails, you can just have her read you a bedtime story!

  2. wow... she's reading already, you should have her read you a bedtime story. plaster is fun but can be a real bear sometimes. you're probably already done but you do need to put something on as a release. if you don't care about the surface you can use vaseline but it will leave smear marks in the plaster. some people i know spray it with Pam but it depends on what the object the mold is being taken of is made out of. if you don't want bubbles, you can set the whole works on something like a piece of foam and tap it with a rubber mallet to get the bubbles to go to the surface. when mixing, add plaster to water, not water to plaster and sprinkle it until the plaster floats. then mix it (it will probably still need a bit more).