Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kiln unloaded

I unloaded the kiln as soon as I got home today--well, I had to say hi to Genevieve and Lindsay first, but right after that, I went out to get her unloaded. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Just before I stopped making new work, I made a big batch of a new glaze (I know, blue is like sacrilege or something) and I had only tried it out on a couple of pieces that didn't tell me a whole lot.

I put it with the rest of my glazes to see how they interacted together, and it worked pretty well with all of them, but really well with one (the first pic).

I also tried using melted glass for the first time and liked the results from that as well. I just used brown glass from a beer bottle, but I'd really like to try some better colors. It gives nice variation, and I've always loved some good crazing. Now that I'm getting back into a groove, I'm going to start throwing some more volume and more regular pieces like mugs, cereal bowls and such. I want to start experimenting with some slab built plates, platters and such. I've never made much off of the wheel, but I really hate throwing plates and would like to be able to have something as far as plates go. I want to get some pottery plaster and try some press molds as well. So much to do, and so very little time. The more I make, the more new ideas come to my head. Now, if I could just find a clone to do my day job so that I could make pots all day. Maybe I should start playing the lottery and I could win and build a huge studio and build a half dozen different kilns, and i could get a PUGMILL! Wait, I could just pay someone to wedge clay for me if I won the lottery--yeah--that's better.


  1. Ben - it's nice to have you back!

    I like the new glaze. What are the glazes on the first picture (the bowl)? I love them both! Is this cone 6 electric?

    Since visiting Mark Hewitt last year I've been interested in putting glass into my pots. I have yet to try it. Do you put it in before bisquing?

  2. Very nice stuff! That first glaze combo is quite a dinger. I have also been contemplating using some glass on some pieces. Just a little as an accent. Never thought of using beer bottles, though. I suppose that is one way to recycle all the bottles I have laing around.

  3. I hear you Ben, the lottery would be great. Beautiful work, love how the glazes turned out. which pot has the brown glass on it? The last pot is a great form.

  4. I wanted to reply back last night, but I was in Charlotte for a dealer meeting all day and didn't get back until bedtime.

    Mike, the interior glaze is Tenmoku Gold and the exterior glaze is Blue Jeans. I can get you the recipes if you like. They are the same base glaze with different colorants. I'll give you my new firing schedule if you want too. I put the glass on in the glaze firing and let it do its thing.

    Rob, yeah, beer bottles were the only colored glass I had laying around ;)

    Linda, the last pot is the one with the glass drips. It didn't give a whole lot of variation, but you can see it as the lighter areas coming down from the lugs. It got some really nice crazing in it.

  5. the first upside down pic of the bowl has a wonderful combination of colors... yummy. congrats on genevieve's rolling over. i remember thinking it would never happen and then the lifting of the head, then the crawling, then saying dad. they all seemed to take so long while they were happening but now seemed to have happened way to quickly.