Monday, December 28, 2009

Where's the clay??

So, I ran out of clay and said to myself, 'self lets go pick up some clay this afternoon!'

Yeah--that didn't go so well. Clay supplier is closed until I believe AFTER NEW YEARS!! I have some I can reclaim, but it won't be dry enough to use until then anyways. Bah!

Oh well.

Hope everyone out there had a great Christmas! Our little family had a wonderful time!! Genevieve loved all of the attention from both sides of the family and we all scored some great stuff!

Hopefully I can have some new pictures of pots soon--I've got to get to spraying all of my tall pieces that came out of the bisque last week, but it's got to be Thursday before I'm home during daylight hours. All for now!


  1. Ben - I really love the blue glaze you are using. It appears like it develops small crystals. Is that a glaze you got somewhere or developed yourself? Thanks!

  2. I ran out of clay too and said I wasn't going to get some, but now I am trying to think of what I can make that won't suffer if the RV is moved; I know the feeling, ready to make something and no clay ugh.

  3. Hope you had a great holiday- love the baby's first christmas!

  4. You might think that companies would want extra business in this economy.
    I guess you'd be wrong.

  5. Running out of clay actually induces anxiety attacks at our house, so I always overbuy. When we moved last year, I think my husband wanted to kill me as he moved over 2000 pounds of clay from studio to trailer, trailer to shop, shop to new studio. BUT...I still have clay. :)