Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pots in use

Well, really just pot in use, but that doesn't sound right.

Today is Lindsay's 25th birthday (Happy Birthday Sweetie!) and I got her these wonderful flowers and put them in one of my new vases. The kitchen is a bad place for taking pictures and I'm no flower arranger, but I think it looks nice. I'm pretty sure I had more to say tonight, but I'm exhausted and can't remember now. Oh yeah! I put up shelving at work today in my office to have somewhat of a gallery there. I should have packed up a bunch of pots tonight to bring down there, but that didn't happen. Neither did cleaning the kitchen, or laundry, or listing pots on Etsy, or pressure washing the house in preparation for Lindsay's party.

Oh, and one more thing--I keep forgetting that I have an appointment on the 20th to get all of my wisdom teeth out. I've got two that aren't too bad, but the other two are growing into the teeth in front of them. And they are moving really close to some nerve that apparently controls the feeling of my bottom jaw. Lets hope the doctor doesn't clip that little guy.

Anyway, all for now.


  1. Hi Ben, Lovely vase and flowers. Happy B-Day to your Daughter :) I've seen your pots on Etsy, they look fantastic. Good luck with the wisdom teeth removal. I got mine out 20 years ago. Glad they're gone.

  2. Howdy Ben, your vase looks spectacular with the flowers happy birthday to Lindsay. I too had my wisdom teeth out long ago, too long ago to mention, Ha! good luck with that. I think I had top done and then the bottom done in another appointment. I think two were impacted, ugh, stock up on ice cream and soups and straws.

  3. no better combination that flowers in one of your pots for your sweetie. good luck with that wisdom teeth thing. not sure how old you are but i waited too long and they had fused with my jawbone, then part of said jawbone came out with the tooth and that part was as big as the tooth. i'm sure that won't happen with you though.

  4. Thanks Cindy! It was actually my wife's b-day--my dauguther will be 1 in April :)

    Linda--My mom actually just called me from the grocery store asking what kind of soup and ice cream I wanted :)

    Thanks Jim! Way to freak me out! Haha--now I'm really excited. (I'm an old man at 25 ;) ha!

  5. Don't let the wisdom teeth stories scare you. Both my husband and I had ours out fairly late in life for that type of thing (early 30's and late 30's) with no complications, even though it looked bad on both of them going in.

    You know, but still milk the sympathy for all the soup and ice cream you can get. :)