Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why I love trimming

I know a lot of potters hate trimming and I just have to say--trimming is awesome! I really think I like trimming almost as much as I like throwing--or turning--I think I want to start calling it turning now, but that's another story. Just look at the difference between these pots--and that one isn't even one of the better ones I've done recently! I know not all pots need trimming, but it really adds so much to a piece and makes it more complete. My trimming box and Griffin Grip sure help too. Anyway, just some random thoughts on a Sunday evening.


  1. I love trimming too! Two reasons - 1) kind of soothing in a repetitive way, and 2) sometimes you find a pot you didn't know you threw once you get it trimmed!

    I'm extremely fond of the shape of your pot on the left of your photo.

  2. It's so nice to save a bad pot and turn it into something special!