Thursday, August 7, 2008

How Mugs Turn Into Tumblers

So what happens when your mugs dry out too much to handle, but still able to be trimmed--just barely? They become tumblers! I through 15 mugs the night before last, trimmed and handled 10 last night, covered them with plastic, and sprayed them liberally with water. But they were still just barely soft enough to trim--not perfect for handling--at least not with this clay body which likes to crack.

So, now I've got some nice juice cups out of this batch, and who needs handles anyway?? I've seen some tumblers actually called 'handle-less mugs!' Maybe you can charge more for those....hmmm...great marketing!

Me and Lindsay went over to my sister's new house tonight for a big family dinner, and we had a great time. Got to see the newest nephew, and man he is just too funny! He is only a few weeks old and makes some interesting noises, but he is really very cute! Hopefully some time very soon, we will be on our way with our own little baby! Good night all--off to catch up on all of the many blogs I keep up with! I really need to insert all of the ones I've been reading into my blog roll. There's always tomorrow :)


  1. An honest blogger! From one tumbler-maker to another, who needs mugs anyway???

  2. Just found your site thanks to Deborah Woods!

    I think these cups benefit from their shape to be held w/o handles, too. I look forward to reading more of you archive as time permits. Cheers.