Saturday, August 16, 2008

Too much Bisque!

I am accumulating too much bisque work! I really need to get to work mixing some glazes, and I now have to go to my supplier and put in an order for dry chemicals on Monday. I had planned on doing this Thursday, but found out from my neighbor that we both need to move our fences because they go too far back onto the property behind us!!! Needless to say, I was totally pissed and didn't make it to buy glaze stuff. The markers we used were put up by the builder, and one of them fell onto a metal drainage grate, so the builder put it BEHIND the grate instead. So, when I built the fence last summer, I used a marker that was in the WRONG place!!

Anyways, back to clay.

I've been working on having a cohesive line of work, and I threw a few vases the other night to keep along with this line. Here is the best of the four which I will try to duplicate. I need to focus a little more on the top half, which is a little wavy, but other than that, I think that it works fairly well. Wh
at do you think?

Here are a couple of pics of all the bisqued work that I have been accumulating. I have some pieces glazed, but as I've said, I need to get some new glazes.

Next week I'm going to go put in the order, and who knows when I'll see my precious chemicals. I wish I lived a little closer to somewhere like Highwater Clays, so I could just go and pick everything up. I don't want to order online b/c shipping is a bitch! So, that leaves me with putting in an order with my supplier and waiting for them to stick it on their next order. Ah well, make more bisque I guess :)


  1. I have too much bisque too! I have been working on forms & I want to change some of my glazes. I fire to ^6 and need to develop a liner glaze to go with a heavy copper glaze I use. The red iron glaze I've loved has decided to be very unreliable so I'm testing that again too. The never ending quest for that perfect glaze palette.
    I love your forms!

  2. You've been hard at work, Ben - I'm a little jealous of your "too much bisque" problem!

    Bummer about the fence issue.

  3. I'm with Cynthia... There is never too much bisque! Looks like a treasure trove to me!... I like the vase form. Hope you show us the finished, glazed piece.