Friday, August 22, 2008

Maybe too much faceting?

Ok, so maybe I have a problem. I have been having too much fun with this whole faceting nonsense. I am still working on developing forms, so now I need something from you, wonderful reader. Here are a few tumblers that I threw this evening, and I need some input on which ones are successful and which ones aren't. I have my favorite, but it is always helpful to have another's eye.

Most of these I think need a little more shape to them--they are kinda boring. Number 4 (from the left) is the most successful to me. The two on the right are just plain terrible (they were the first attempts).

I think that this form works better in a smaller vessel--small cups that I like to think of as booze cups--who drinks juice anyways?? ;)

Pots are taking FOREVER to dry! Stupid Fay! Although I know I shouldn't complain; the rain that we have been getting is nothing compared to Florida.

Well, I better get back to work. The Lord of the Rings is on TV tonight, but pots must come first you know.


  1. I think I agree with you about the most successful cup. Also, the juice tumbler. I wonder if you could get a similar feel by faceting the pot the way you have, and then using a rib to smooth the bottom portion (still on the wheel), so you have a smooth section on the top and bottom. If you facet while it's still pretty wet, you could also maybe use a rib on the inside, and while the wheel is spinning, belly out the cup a little, which would create faceting that was wider in the middle, and more narrow on the top and bottom. Take my advice casually, because I have never, ever faceted before. But I don't think it's too much faceting. You gotta go where your inspiration is leading you.

  2. I like the faceting! It IS addictive, isn't it?

    I have a slight preference for the 3rd from the left over the 4th. It's a bit taller and elegant to my eye. I agree on the short juice cup, perfect.

  3. Deborah--thanks for the input, everything helps. I think my next batch will belly out a little more.

    Brian--High praise indeed! Thank you! The 3rd was my next favorite, I think I'm going to make a series of really tall ones similar to that and see if I can pull the facets around some--give it a little twist. I hadn't found your blog yet, so I'm off to check it out.

    Keep the comments coming--the are soooo helpful!!

  4. Hey Ben,

    I was going to say any of the 4 on the left, but then I blew the photo up and it's either 3 or 4. I guess it depends on whether or not you want a slender cup or more of a gentle flare like in cup 4.

    I drink wine out of my collection of small ceramic cups that look like you "juice/booze" cup. You're right, I don't drink a lot of juice unless you count the stuff that comes from fermented grapes! :)

  5. I think it's number 3 or 4. I kind of like the tall form, but faceting can look really great on short little tea bowls too.

  6. Thanks guys! Potters are the best!