Sunday, August 24, 2008

A new pitcher and bud vase

To go along with my current faceting addiction, here is a couple new forms. I've got about 15 of these little bud vases made, and they are truly cute little guys! The only thing I worry about is if I will be able to sell them for enough. They are really quite small, about 2-1/2" to 3" high, and they are a fare amount of work. I could knock a regular bud vase out in no time, but the faceting adds a good amount of time to the making. It's kinda like fancy mugs--how do you charge enough for the amount of work? You can throw a mug body, trim it, embellish it, handle it and sell it for X amount, or you can throw a 5 pound bowl, take less time to complete and charge five times as much. Oh well, the bud vases are lots of fun to make and hopefully they will sell.

The second new form is a pitcher that is....can you guess? Faceted! I think that I am going to lay off the faceting for a while, mainly because I am getting sick of the word--writing it, saying it--it's just getting annoying. I'm sure reading it is as well :) So the next post will NOT have the word facet in it, I promise!

I think that I'm gonna stick a fat handle right where the smooth rim meets the facet and have it meet the bulge just after it starts. On my next one, I am going to try to keep the neck thinner. While opening up the base, I stuck my big, fat hand in and widened the neck. On the next one, I'm going to use my trusty throwing stick to open up instead.

Well, that's all for tonight. Have a great week! Weekends are always too short aren't they?


  1. I love the little 'faceted' bud vases. Why don't you make a tray and put lots of them on the tray. Then the tray & bud vases could be sold together - and used as a center piece. It'd be neat to have each bud vase filled with a different little flower all on the tray -- Maybe you could charge more????

    And add a sugar bowl to the 'faceted' small pitcher -- oh the ideas are limitless. Your work is great!

  2. That pitcher is beautiful-I think you're on a roll and I'm certainly not sick of seeing them-

  3. Judy--I love the idea of the tray! I'm going to get on that when I get home tonight! I might even throw one that is larger to put in the middle with small ones around the outside.

    Deb--Thanks for the praise! And I'm glad your not sick of faceted wares ;)