Monday, January 19, 2009

All healed up!

Finally feeling better!! I was super sick from Tuesday to Friday, and I got to feeling a little bit better on Saturday. I was diagnosed with a 'severe respiratory infection.' I think that is just a fancy name for a really bad cold, but it still kicked my behind! I just made it back into the studio and got started glazing and waxing my bottoms. hehe--he just said 'waxing my bottoms!' Ok, enough of that. Here's a few of the pots I got glazed--still loads more to do.

I can't wait to get my kiln all loaded back up and get some finished work out. I seem to totally trash my studio when I go to glazing and it could use a thorough cleanup. And, I haven't even dragged out my spray stuff yet. Tomorrow--I really go to town making a mess!!


  1. Hi Ben, glad you're feeling better and thanks for the info about the steel stamps, that is so special you have something to remember your neighbor by. You could have said "waxing their bottoms" he he. Hope you do a post on how you spray your glazes some time.