Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Display Shelves

I spent a good part of today building these new display shelves. They are 4 ft. wide and each shelf is 6" wide. The tables I got for Christmas are 5 ft. long, so these should fit nicely. The tops are some extra birch ply that was left over at work, the rest are one of my old 6 ft. shelves that I'm not going to use anymore, so my investment in them is zero. I've still got to sand and polyurethane them--I'll get to that tomorrow night.

I also unloaded a really full bisque load today, and everything survived except one server. It had a hairline crack in a ring on the bottom which I tried to take a picture of, but it wouldn't come out. I think it was from not compressing the bottom as well as I needed to, but I'm not certain. I haven't had a crack form in a complete ring before--it is kind of weird. Anyway, it doesn't go all the way through, so I'm going to glaze it anyway and see what happens. At worst, it will split in half and glaze will drip all over a shelf :)


  1. Nice shelves! Are you going to attach them to the top of the tables? Will you post pictures when they're in use?

  2. I think they are sturdy enough to just sit on top, but I'll try them out this week to make sure. I've got to get my booth all set up and take a picture some time soon so I can have it ready to submit to shows. I'll definitely put up the finished product.