Friday, January 23, 2009

Long Days

While my dad has been on vacation since Wednesday, I've been working til closing time at 5. I usually get off at 4 and get home in about 30-35 min. When I leave after 5, it takes about an hour or more to get home, so my evenings have been shortened and it's kinda killed my studio time. I went in there tonight and could not think of anything to throw, so I started working on my webpage. I've been trying to build it for a while, but I've pretty much neglected it for many months. I hope to approach some galleries this summer and I want to have it done so I can appear at least somewhat professional. It is really coming along nicely, especially since I finally figured out how to add my picture galleries. Actually, it's going to be quite kick ass when I'm done ;)

This is one of my bakers that came out of the kiln the other day. I'm somewhat pleased with how it came out. I added too much water to my glazes this past time I went to glazing and the iron reds came out a little dark. I'm going to let them sit up a bit and take some water off.

I took pictures of the individual shelves before and after the firing, but blogger was being a pain in the butt when I tried to upload them, and I couldn't get them to stay next to each other. After I get the website done, I may move the blog over to WordPress, mostly so I can feel all cool and fancy like so many potter bloggers out there :)

Ok, I am super sleepy and have to go to work again tomorrow morning. Only til noon though not too bad. Nite!


  1. hey-we're cool and fancy here too, wordpress shmerdpress

  2. I'm lucky I know how to work blogger, website and wordpress will have to be left to the future.

  3. Haha Deb!! You crack me up!

    Linda--I know what you mean. I've been learning as I go. I use Microsoft Frontpage for web design and it took me a good 3 hours to figure out the code for my galleries. Now I can't wait to get home so I can mess with it some more!