Friday, January 9, 2009

Goodbye 2008 (a little late)

Well, this will probably be a fairly long post. I'm in a writing mood, I've got my favorite soda fired cup full of Beam and Pepsi (way better than Coke any day of the week), and I finished off my pots needing trimming and handles. How much more content could a potter be?

This is also my first chance to somewhat reflect on 2008, and it was a really great year. Life has been really interesting with tons of changes!

We were busy at work, and had a great season. I work with my father at his business selling and servicing landscape equipment, and we had the best year to date in 2008. I really enjoy working with my father, even if the customers can be a little more difficult sometimes ;)

Lindsay and I got to go on two really great trips--a cruise to the Bahamas and our recent trip down to Mexico. Both were really amazing and some of the most restful and relaxing times of the year. We are truly fortunate to have been able to go on both of them. Especially since one was essentially free :)

I also feel that I have progressed by leaps and bounds in the quality of work that I am now making. I have found that it is so satisfying to make work that I can feel proud of--and as a bonus, I actually still like this new work after making it for a couple months. I think that my forms are improving, and I'm also creating a more cohesive body of work. I am going to start compiling a portfolio of forms and glazes so that one day I can approach a few galleries and at least appear somewhat professional.

This past year, I got my studio set up pretty much to my liking--well, except I can't make it magically triple in size. I am still missing two critical items though--a wedging table and a pugmill. I can make the wedging table as soon as I get time and materials, but the pugmill will have to wait. Too bad I can't make one of those! Anyone got an old one they want to get rid of? You know, just lying around :)

And, of course the biggest and best news! We are expecting our first little girl May 14th! As I've said, we are soooo excited and really can't wait!! So, now that we've got to start paying for child care, I am trying to make tons of pots to sell. I plan to do a few shows this spring and I am going to keep filling my Etsy shop. Now, lets all just say a little prayer that the economy will get somewhat back on track so pots will just fly off of the shelves!

Well, that's enough reflexion for now. Getting a little sleepy now--must be about time for a refill.


  1. A refill would make me more sleepy. What a good year and great goals you have set. Do you have any friends or relatives that can help with the childcare to help defray the costs? Amen to the prayer for the economy for all concerned.

  2. Unfortunately I don't have any relatives that can watch her. We are still going to look for other options too--like a stay-at-home mom that wants to earn extra money. I think we might put an ad on Craigs List closer to time and see what happens.