Saturday, January 24, 2009

Website is up!

I finally decided to get hosting for my website. It's not complete yet, and I need to rearrange and update the galleries, but it is up!! It is a little slow to upload and I need to know if it is just my computer, so if it is slow to you too, let me know and I'll ask the host. If you go to a gallery and it is slow to upload, let it finish completely before you click a picture to see my nifty gallery feature.

Any other feedback on it is welcome too, especially the artist statement. I've never written one before and it was very hard to do.


  1. Hi Ben, Congratulations on your website - it looks great and is very user friendly from my point of view. I am on dialup so I'm not the best judge on how quickly the site loads. The text seems to load quickly on each page but the feature photos don't load very quickly. I couldn't wait for your gallery to load as I have to go somewhere right now, but will check back to read text and see the photos later. The shop (etsy) feature loaded instantly. By the way I like the shop feature. What a great job you have done and so quickly.

  2. Congratulations, Ben! The site looks's always nice to see a nice assortment of a person's work. You have some really nice glaze combos too.

    I have DSL - and it wasn't super slow, but not super fast either. The text loaded fast, and the images were the last to pop up. One quick look at your images, and they might be a little big. Yours are set at 100 dpi, while normal setting for the net is 72 - not a huge difference.

  3. Thanks y'all!!! I'm going to check to see the speed at work and if it's slow there too, I'll change the pic settings. It has gotten much faster for me at home, but I don't know if it has something to do with me having already been to the site a bunch. I think I might change the grouping in the galleries to make them smaller and load more quickly too.

  4. Great site! Setting up a website can be super time consuming. Pace yourself! Looks great so far!

  5. Hi Ben - It loaded pretty quickly for me. I'm on DSL. I also checked out the artist's statement. I thought it gave a good picture of your work and why making functional ware is important to you.
    You may want to check out the post below on Art Biz Blog. I'm a regular reader of the blog and she has some great ideas for the business side of things. Check out this post on how to improve your artist statement. Food for thought:

  6. Mike--the only reason I've been able to work so much on it is because I got an infected metal splinter in my thumb and can't get in the clay (It was tons of fun getting that little bastard out yesterday!) Hopefully, I'll be getting muddy again soon!

    Patricia--Thanks for that link, and the feedback on the statement! I will try looking at it everyday for a while and see if anything new clicks.