Thursday, February 5, 2009


Just posting to say that it is incredibly cold (for here anyways!) I am so done with winter!! It is making me grouchy.

It is supposed to be nice this weekend though, and I get to go up to Keith's to help fire his new wood kiln on Sunday!! I'm super excited! I'm also going to stop by highwater on the way home--I guess I'll finally get some cobalt. I'm so cheap--I hate spending so much on such a small amount of chemical!! But, everybody want's something blue! And I need to brighten up my work anyways.

I started experimenting with some new large uncovered jars last night. I should be posting pictures of them, but I didn't finish throwing until almost 10, so I just went to bed instead. I'll get some pics up once I put handles on them.


  1. It was 11F when I left the house this morning, but I think with wind chill it felt about -4F, so I hear what you're saying about the cold. I am looking forward to this weekend being in the 50s pushing 60!

    Have fun firing the new kiln. Good luck!

  2. Ok, I'm not going to rub it in about what temperature it is here. Looking forward to your photos. That cobalt sure is expensive. I'm doing some research now on some slips and oxides to get some color or decoration effects but with some less expensive ingredients. We shall see.

  3. You, grumpy? I think that's b/c of your genes, not the weather. I refuse to complain about the cold in Charleston b/c I reserve the right to complain about the heat all summer long :o) Can't wait to see your new work!

    Disclaimer: I'm your sister so I can speak the truth.

  4. Jerry--I always thought I would like living in the mountains, but I now realize that it gets really cold there! Maybe I'll move farther south :)

    Linda--When are they going to make a cheap synthetic substitute for all of the expensive chemicals??

    Cameron--You must have gotten a second helping of the grumpy gene, all from dad's side ;) hehe