Monday, February 16, 2009

Large Pot

I have been struggling to throw some larger pots--in sections. It took four tries before I had something that I felt ok about saving. I started trying three sections and found out that I should crawl before I walk. Being so incredibly impatient doesn't help much either. I have found that I need a larger torch! First, I tried to add the second section too early and had problems with it holding up. Then, I made the second section too heavy, and the bottom bulged out. The third try I continued to mess with the piece until I destroyed it when it was ok to start with. Finally, on the fourth piece, I got something that I felt I could save. I'm not totally happy with this piece--the overall form is pretty weak, and I can get a much more fluid piece when I throw it all at one time.

I think that I have gotten off to a decent start, and want to keep making large work. But, when I think about how many pieces I could have thrown screwing around with this big fella, it's hard to justify. Plus, I don't think big work will sell particularly well in the current economic climate. Anyway, I'll definitely revisit this--my goal is to throw a piece that fills my kiln!


  1. I think it looks good, Ben. But the bigger you go the trickier the glazing situation. Good luck!

  2. wow . . .three sections is pretty impressive. I have trouble getting my brain to handle two. I am wondering how quickly you join the third section after the second?

  3. Hi Ben, I can only throw small pieces, but I saw a video on Ceramic's Arts Daily recently of Tom Coleman collaborating with Frank Boyden in the video exerpt he was throwing a large vase and he used a tongue and groove method putting the upper piece into the groove of the lower piece. I thought it was quite ingenious.

    I like the band you put on the pot at the widest part - looks good to me.

  4. Thanks y'all!

    Jerry--I have somewhat been repressing the thought of glazing ;) I plan to make quite a mess, so it should all work out ok!

    Nona--This one was thrown in two. My attempt at three failed horribly :) I attempted to attach too soon.

    Linda--I think I'm going to try that method on my next piece. How Tom does that with porcelain is just amazing!! I have enough trouble with stoneware standing up.