Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Big Jar

I am really diggin' these new big jars, and I really like this last one. I think that the shape is the most successful, and much more elegant than the previous ones. They are evolving from jars into more of a vase form, but that's ok with me. This one was a little over 13" high when I threw it. I need a bigger scale--mine maxes out at 7 lbs. so I'm estimating this one at somewhere between 8-10 lbs.

I've been trying to focus on details a little more, so when I trimmed the bottom, I made it bevel up a bit to raise it off of the table--I also mimicked the split rim on the foot as well. By the way, trimming a 13" tall piece with a fragile split rim is rather difficult. I put it on my foam bat and supported it with my left hand at the base while I trimmed with my right. I was surprised that it actually worked better to trim fairly fast--but you have to be super careful not to gouge, because the piece will rock back and forth very easily. Very light pressure and a sharp trimming tool worked pretty well.


  1. Hi Ben- we use foam insulation pieces on a small bucket and then turn the piece over into the bucket- the pot being supported by the foam- put the bucket on the wheel and trim.
    In fact Mark once used the work mens round water cooler when they were working on the building.

  2. That sounds really cool! I would have never thought of that. Would you mind posting a picture on your blog some time when y'all are using it? I kinda have a picture in my head, but I would love to see it in action!

  3. hey Ben- here is where Mark used the workmen's cooler- I'll do a post of pot and bucket for you soon.