Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Fancy Smancy Spray Setup

(extravagant, huh?)

A while back, I was asked about my spray setup, so I decided to take a couple of pics today after I sprayed five big bowls. It consists of a stool, turntable, HVLP spray gun and that's about it. I was in a real rush today because rain seemed to be coming, so I started with a dust mask on, but it blew into my eyes about half way through, so it went away. I was spraying with the wind (we are having like 25 mph. gusts), so I figured I was ok.

I really love this spray gun. It came from one of my favorite places, Harbor Freight Tools. It is the perfect size for my needs--5.3 oz. It was actually like twice as expensive as the 20 oz., but it was worth it. It has a built in regulator that allows me to keep the pressure way up on the compressor so it doesn't cycle on and off as much.

One day, I'll make a real spray booth, but for now, this actually works pretty well. I would love to be able to catch the excess glaze and make a super combo glaze, and I'm sure it's not good for the environment, but I have no room or money. Story of my life, eh? ;)


  1. Hey, I like that set up - I have a favorite painting stool kind of like yours. I might give it a try. The wind usually blows one way here, so I know which way to spray, have always wanted to try spraying. I read somewhere about making a mini booth with plywood and sheets of plastic stapled to the inside and you just put your hand inside the plastic and it contains the mist of glaze better that way, then you wipe the glaze off the plastic.

  2. That is the same sprayer I use, but without the regulator. I wonder if I could find one of those somewhere. That compressor switching on and off does get awful irritating.

  3. Your set up actually outclasses mine! But I suppose if something actually works there is a reason continue doing it. Most of the dreams of upgrading the details of my life are choked by my limited budget, so my current mantra is "make do". Hope you also find the bricks for your kiln. Good luck!