Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Jars

large jar

Here's the photos of the new jars. I don't really know what they are for except standing there looking pretty :) They could hold stuff, but unfortunately, they probably never will. But, that's ok cause they were lots of fun to make. The small narrow one is about 3 pounds, the middle size is about 5-1/2 and I didn't measure the big boy, but he is at least 9 or 10. They are all on 12" bats--I'm too lazy to walk back out and measure :)

I really like the combination of the split rim and the clover top. They are really experimental, and I'm not super fond of the narrow shaped one--I like these to be a little bulky. I don't even want to think about glazing yet--I don't see it being easy. I would love to have enough reason/space/money to make huge batches of glaze so I could just dip everything. I still haven't dragged out all of my spray stuff yet. I have a bunch of big bowls waiting to be bisqued and then I'm going to have a day of spraying. You will all really laugh at my sophisticated spray setup! I'll definitely post pictures of that!!





  1. Those jars are very nice - I love the clover tops and the handles.

  2. The rims on these are crazy good. You mentioned you didn't like the narrow one as much. I love it! That top picture takes the prize.

  3. I like the small and the large, they have a nice balance of form to them. And I agree, the split & clover rim looks great.

    So, if you don't have big batches of glaze, how have you been glazing? Sounds troublesome.

  4. Thanks y'all!

    Patricia--I think the little guy looks like he has really stubby arms--kinda comical, but I'm glad that you like it!

    Jerry--I use five gallon buckets of glaze, but I would love to have REALLY big batches--like 40-55 gallons so I can dip really big pots!!

  5. I was thinking that you didn't even have 5 gallon buckets. That would be a problem.

    We've got 5 gallon buckets as well, for really big stuff we pour, which gets messy and is less than ideal.

  6. Nice Ben - these are some big mama jama pots!!

  7. Nice pots. Good movement and balance.

  8. Jerry--I am terrible at pouring--I get drips all over and can never get it on evenly. That's why I spray--still a big mess though.

    Thanks Meridith!

    Cynthia--I know! I haven't thrown any big pots like this since college! And I have found that I can get a lot more out of less clay now :)

    DT--Thanks for stopping by! I just checked out your blog--looking forward to future posts!

  9. Hi Ben, I found your blog from Judy Shreve . . . your work is great. I am wondering with these big pots, do you throw them in one shot? They are really incredible. I love the split rim. I cannot throw anything this big without doing it in phases. I look forward to checking in more often.

  10. Thanks for stopping by Nona! I throw these in one piece--my limit is about 15 lbs at a time. I love the movement you get with your pieces!! I'm adding you to my blog reader now--I'm up around 55 or so :)