Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Under the weather

I woke up today with a terrible cold, and I get the pleasure of being to only one at work today. The only upside is that it's raining and nasty outside, so we are kinda slow today. And I was introduced to the coolest thing since sliced bread!!! Pandora is this radio station that tailors music to your tastes! It is really, really cool!

I put a coat of polyurethane on the shelves yesterday and I sanded and buffed them this morning. They look really sweet! I'll take some pictures tonight when I get them back home. It's so nice to have any tool I need at my disposal. I couldn't find a high enough grit sandpaper at lowes, so I brought them to work and sanded them with some 320 grit on our dual action sander--five minutes later, I had a great surface to work with. Put on the coat of poly and put a work light on them to dry them out. Then this morning, I grabbed some 2000 grit paper, the high speed polisher and some machine glaze and buffed them out to a nice gloss. I made the satin poly into gloss. I love having the right tools!

I am now debating whether I should paint the base. Right now it is just bare light grain pine, and I kind of like it. I just don't want to get paint on them and not like the result. I've also got to get some fabric to make table cloths--totally out of my element there, but I think I can manage! Since my pots are mostly dark, Lindsay suggested that I get a lighter colored fabric for the table cloths. I want my booth to be kind of bright and vibrant. I was thinking maybe a pale yellow?? But then would that look good next to the pine? Maybe a light gray? I don't know. I would really love some input from you out there in blogger world--men are not always the best color choosers. At least not me anyways.

Well, that's it for now. Back to work--I've got some parts to receive. Talk to y'all later!


  1. Wow, you are so productive for someone with a bad cold! On the fabric choices, I'm not too great at that either. It'll be interesting to see what others suggest -- and I hope you post the final results so we can see how it turns out. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. Ben, what is the booth for - your studio or for shows? I had blue and brown cloths for mine and found my pottery clashed with those colors or looked washed out (I have many different color glazes). I think most pottery looks better with a lighter or neutral background - then the pottery is the focus rather than the color. Since my popup is white I am going with white. I also found purchasing table cloths or sheets was less expensive than making them with fabric I could purchase even though I can sew just fine.